About Tetrizle

Tetrizle is a puzzle tetris-like game.
Goal of the game is to construct a picture from falling tetromino pieces.
It unites tetris-like pieces stacking and puzzle picture assembling gameplays.

Tetrizle consists of:

- Campaign with about 100 levels of cool pictures to construct, with increasing complexity for a good challenge.
- Custom pictures from gallery (photos of you, family, friends, nice places, cats =^.^=, ...).

For custom pictures you can select appropriate complexity and helpers, increasing it as your brain is trained and so evolves for more complex stacking alogythms =).

These settings are:

- Field width (number of cells per one tetris line).
- Outline (frame) helper.
- Base (bottom) line built helper.
- Rotatable or not pieces.

Noteworthy that after some experience with gameplay, you begin to think a little different.
So contruction of complex pictures, that seemed to be unreal, takes place intuitively.

Settings of the game include:

- Background color change to better distinguish pieces or just pick your favorite color.
- Volume slider to adjust game sounds respectively to your background music.

- Music on/off

How to play

Swipe any place of the screen:
- Left to move piece left.
- Right to move piece right.
- Up to rotate.
- Down to drop.

Tap center of the screen to rotate one time.
Tap left of the screen to move left for one cell.
Tap right of the screen to move right for one cell.

See How to play instruction in main game menu.